Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pip pip!

For starters, here are some pictures of my room and the bathroom. I have quite a few pictures, but I picked a few for this post. Maybe I'll post other ones later.
This is the shower. Quite small, and kind of nasty as people don't pick up after themselves.
The small and kind of not-so-clean toilets I mentioned in the first post. The lights for this particular toilet room doesn't work.
Here is a view of (most of) my entire room.

Here is a picture of my desk and my bed. They provided the pillow, blanket, the covers and such.

The sink is the picture on the right right next to my desk.

My body is definitely having difficulty adjusting, but I suppose it's turning out to be a somewhat good sort of thing. Ever since I got into London, I have been sleeping at 10:45 to 11:00 and waking up at 5:30 or 6:00. It's definitely carried over to Brighton. The only bad thing is my body has been getting very "knackered" (or tired to the point of death) at around 7 and 8 'o clock so I have to struggle to stay awake until at least 10. Then I sleep and wake up at 5:30-6:00. I've never been to bed so early in my life on a regular basis like this, but then again it has just barely been a week. I do, however, like waking up really early with the sun and getting peace because I still have homework to complete before class. Which brings me to my next topic worth mentioning.

After orientation which was nothing special I assure you, I had class. So in the US, we grace those that teach us with the title "professor" quite easily. Here, those that we would call professors are called teachers or more specifically, a tutor. Quite a modest thing if you ask me. I find it fascinating for some reason. Maybe it is because they are so humble and are given the term "professor" in a honorary manner. Anyway, my tutor's name is Andrei, and he is from Columbia. He said he's also from Austria, lol. I love that he has an accent. It's not one I am more fond of like Irish or other English accents, but I do like listening to it.

Our class is very small because this university prides itself as being one of the most critical in all of Europe. There are 12 people in my class, the same as the number of people in my dorm. We do presentations daily on our own and while I am not used to speaking up in class, I think this is a good thing. Especially for me. I can't be just an active listener so forcing me to speak daily will be interesting and hopefully make it better for me when I'm back in the US. The reading is just as much as the things in Sociology and Political Science, if not more. I also have lots of time to do it, though, so unless I'm traveling, I think I should be able to devote lots of time to my studies to get good marks. Anyway, the gist of the class is seminar style to an extent. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of class to see how all this goes.

Oh, and just for a random side note, we have lots of seagulls on campus. No pigeons or anything like that in London, and I bet it's most likely because we are by the sea with a beach somewhere. It totally throws me off when I see them normally as the birds screeching outside my window. Their screeches, for that matter, or very different from any other seagulls I've heard. Haha, maybe I'll try and catch a video of them making crazy screams at me. :)

Also, do any of you know how to get pictures within your posts and not just at the beginning of the posts?

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