Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Exciting News!

Good or bad... I'll let you decide.

Our new supervisor didn't last long. There are reasons I can't explain here for why she left aside from what you can guess. I'm a little disappointed because I feel like if she had just hung in there for a couple weeks longer, she could've really done some good things around here to help. Her intentions were really in a good place-- or in the same place as mine and Ryan's.

Anyway, I might have mentioned this, but a couple weeks ago the mother of a pre-kindergarten kid got angry at everyone because the kid was not improving in math. When we decided to give worksheets for homework, she screamed at a staff member and pulled her kid out. The same mother who decided to pick the worst and most unlikely meaning of "mad" and got upset with me for the misunderstanding. I found it hilarious seeing as I never spoke to the kid that day except to tell him his behavior of "being mad and rude" was unacceptable and they are reading a book called "Mad Dog." As bad as this sounds, it was a load of stress off everyone's shoulders. Not only because of the mother but also because the other kid could get a break at being teased for his English. This week, however, he came back. Today went alright, but I'm going to expect the worst. That way, I won't be surprised the next time something off- the- wall happens.

On the up side my ribs, lungs, and cartilage are all finally healing! Last week was still pretty painful but I've definitely noticed the difference in the last few days, so I am very happy. Having coughing episodes where I'd end up throwing up was pretty crazy. I've never had coughs that bad where I'd gag. But all is well! And just in time for December :) December is my favorite month because I love the Christmas spirit, lights, and everything about December in general so I can actually enjoy myself and not be sick in bed! Although I know December/Christmas just won't have the same warm and cozy feeling as being back in Cali... but having something from home (Ryan and one of my stuffed animals) with me definitely makes it a little easier. I know Ryan will probably try to make this month super special and Christmas-y/Decemberish to me, too since he knows I love this time of the year.

I've been looking into yoga/ballet stretching/pilates classes to take in the next few days since I feel well enough to start working out. I'm pretty excited but nervous since I don't speak any English. Hopefully it goes over well and I can mesh into the classes without any difficulties! That's all for now.

Stay warm!

Saturday, 5 November 2011


It's a song from Tron, and it's not an actual word if I'm correct. But I'm giving it the definition of how I feel at the moment.

The dirty, ugly side of work is coming to light. You learn that kids say things even if they don't know what they're saying. They don't understand the consequences, and you can't really be angry at them. They're kids after all. I remember being little and making excuses even if they were made up. They made sense in my head and seemed like it wouldn't harm anyone. It's only natural. Being on the opposite of the spectrum, I get why it can be so frustrating for adults. I just don't remember ever having made excuses by making false examples of an older person in my life. Example. Several weeks ago, one kindergarten kid told his mom we didn't read out of a text book, which was obviously not true. One of the Korean staff ladies got yelled at by his mom, and she then confronted us asking if we ever read out of the book. We naturally said we did, but what good is our word against a mother's own child? The staff lady called over the other kids and asked them if they remembered reading the book, and they all said yes. She rolled her eyes in frustration at the child's tendencies to tell his mother false things. I don't blame her; she gets yelled at for it.

This Friday, we were told of complaints... these ones were pretty crazy. A different kid told her mom something and made an excuse about us for her actions. I can't really go into details here, but suffice it to say, it has left me beyond frustrated at how things are run here. No supervisers and extra work, a soon quitting staff member and secretary that now knows our hard working ethics to back us up should other problems like this arise... I've got a feeling things are going to be hairy. The crazy thing is, we aren't even looking for this kind of ridiculous drama. We were thrown into work on day one with no real instruction, no expectations expected of us. All we have ever done was try to fill in the shoes of a missing secretary and to teach to the best of our abilities.

One of the other complaints was that we were not like the previous teachers. I.e., we don't talk to the mothers when they come to pick up their children. First of all, I am very irked by this because we have been compared to these previous teachers since day 1. We are compared to these teachers right in front of our faces almost on a weekly basis, and I find it pretty hurtful. We are not them and we do our darn best. Secondly, I say hello and bow to the mothers. I smile. I would talk to them if I knew that was what they wanted. Also, I would talk to them if we had a supervisor. Unfortunately, there are other kids after these kindergarteners who require equal attention as they are actually in school so preparing for them in 15 minutes is highly justified. I know it may not work the same way here, but I feel they should set up meetings with parents where we can attend so we can update them on progress and listen to what they expect of us directly. Just my opinion-- I really don't know anything.

Another thing a kid said was that we are late to class. We had to laugh at this. We get there by 8:50 am... exactly one hour before class ever starts. We get there before the secretary even opens the door to school.

As if that didn't bother me enough, we found out some pretty disturbing things that, again, I can't really talk about. If you ever ask me or I normally talk to you, you will find out. This stuff that I can't talk about is the most unsettling of this entire post. So, although Friday being the end of the week would normally make me feel like everything is okay, it doesn't.

Do adults really stay immature and create drama this much? I feel this is so unnecessary...

I guess on the upside, it's only two parents from the morning. I've never had any complaints from any of my other kids' parents. Here's hoping things go better on Monday. *Crossing fingers*