Sunday, 16 October 2011

When At Starbucks...

You blog!
Since my last blog, my cold hasn't gotten any better. Last week, I started experiencing slight and bearable pain around my right rib area. I figured it was bruising from coughing-- something I've had before. I had also looked it up on the Internet so I wasn't worried. One of the Korean staff ladies took me to a pediatrician's office just for a quick check-up. It was a funny experience being a kid again. I felt like I had a mother signing me in all over again since I don't speak Korean. She had to tell the nurse all my symptoms, tell me to weigh myself, everything my mother used to do with me. Anyway, the doctor said it was just very light bruising from my coughing and sent me on my way with different medication not at normal pharmacies.

Well about two days later I started coughing violently and felt like something popped near my rib. At first I kind of freaked out but then pain quickly took over the fear. Ryan was in the kitchen asking if I was okay and I couldn't talk from the sharp and immense pain. The next day, I tried taking a deep breath and I felt like something inside was collapsing. Basically, something didn't feel right. The Korean staff lady took me to get an X-ray just to be sure I didn't have a cracked rib as it is possible to get one from traumatic coughing. The doctor felt around my chest area to see if I had any pain or swelling when he pushed some pressure onto me. After looking at the X-rays, he said I had chostocondritis-- inflammation where the bone and cartilage meet, and he said my muscle (or lung??) was very, very bruised. I think I could've guessed looking at my X-ray. One looked way brighter than the other, haha. Anyway, he gave me new medication. 5 pills 3 times a day plus cough medicine and about a week's worth. This will take 3-4 weeks to heal, though.

Leaving Starbucks now. Maybe I'll finish updating at another time. 10/16/11

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