Sunday, 18 March 2012

BREAK 주세요 !

Or, in English, BREAK please!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I am back in the working spotlight. It feels like more than weeks ago that I got settled into my new place, but it's really only been a total of two weeks now. Moving in was more complicated than it needed to be. We were told the wrong room number and waited for a couple of hours trying to get into a room that didn't belong to us... only to find out that our room was on a different floor and room number.

Our new apartment is smaller as it's made for one person to live in. It's not some derelict building. All in all, it is still quite nice. I like the bathroom more than the old apartment. To be honest, I had reservations about where we live now just because I absolutely loved where we lived. It wasn't the center of Seoul or anything, but we were close enough, our apartment complex was so well-known and convenient, and the nightlife was wonderful. Coming here, it seemed a little less populated even though it is only 3 stops away on the subway line. There's not much of a night life and that's one of the things that bums me out a bit. I've gotten over it for the most part, but every time I go back to where we used to live in Seohyeon, I'm reminded of all the times I came back late at night thinking, "Ah, we're finally home, and it feels so good!" The atmosphere there was wonderful. Our Korean tutoring was right there, too. Coming off work, grabbing something quick to eat and heading there took very little time.

Coming to Gumi-dong (or Ori), I still think "Finally, I'm home." But it's nothing of refreshing air and I get very little peace of mind for some reason. Perhaps because the job has been less forgiving. I teach two 5 year olds that speak no English and act like they are afraid of me. They hide behind book shelves and act like I've beaten them when all I coo at them is "Come and sit down, please?" Not that they understand. It puts me in a very awkward position that makes it appear as if I have no control over children. Then I have six 6 year olds that hardly speak any English-- a drastic difference from the six year olds I used to teach at the previous school. There's a lot of complaining I could do about the kids I teach now all the way up to elementary school, but they're not really the ones I have problems with. It's the adults. The adults tore me down mentally by the end of the first week and into the second week. They were the most immature women I've ever worked with for people almost twice my age. It amazes me-- the culture with women teachers. Amazing. Moving forward, I just have to realize that the mature thing to do is deal with what I have no. There is no sense in living in the past and I have to find solutions to dealing with my new job. Hopefully, it turns around.

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