Sunday, 4 September 2011

End of the Week

I have more pictures but they are all on facebook. Pictures of food and more school things, but it takes way longer to post here. :/

Food on our second night.Second day of work:My favourite picture of Ryan and Andy. Andy is extremely smart and good-natured.I spy "Margaret teacher." HeheheheFriday:

After a long day of work:

Back! We just had lunch. I ended up getting a pie with pizza in it. The store is called Jesters if I remember correctly, and they have all sorts of UK-like pies. Dessert pies and lunch pies. They are actually really small (about the size of my fist), but the pie I got was just the right amount of food for me. After that, I went to a GS25, which is a 24 hour convenience store, to get a red bean ice cream/popsicle. Ryan told me that it was a different experience being in Korea with me because everyone thinks I can speak Korean. I had an idea about why, but I asked him anyway just to be sure, and he said that people don’t talk about him when I am around. We laughed about it because he liked it that way, and I knew it was true. It’s all good until I open my mouth and struggle to talk like any other American foreigner. We’ll be downloading Rosetta stone tonight, though, because we want to be able to learn the language and obviously, get around on our own more easily.

Anyway, we walked around our apartment-mall complex and discovered more stores than we initially saw. They have make-up shops where girls (and boys) get their make-up done for fun and for pictures. I remember seeing my friends that had gone to China, Indonesia, and Korea come back with pictures. It seems like an Asian girl thing to do. I’m not one to really dress up and take pictures, but I think I might just do it once for the experience and see what all the hype is about. (Even just for that, though, I am pretty hesitant haha). We discovered more café shops that had free wi-fi where we could work at while planning/making lesson plans. In fact, we might go there later in the day since we have to teach tomorrow. Next to the make-up and hair shops, we saw wedding pictures being taken and a wedding venue being prepared. I should have taken a picture of what all these things looked like because it is hard to describe in words, and I’m not as articulate with my words as I used to be. Basically, the wedding venue was a room about the size of my apartment, which, if you have seen my Facebook pictures, know that it is really small). The tables and chairs are decorated simply with white ribbons and are lined up tightly along either sides of the room. Then, in the middle is a sort of runway, which Ryan and I assumed was for the bride to walk down the aisle. Very interesting to say the least. If I walk by there again, I’ll take pictures and hopefully I’ll catch the wedding venue happening.

Feeling tired at the moment because Ryan and I just finished unpacking and cleaning our apartment, but I need to blog about yesterday so that I will be caught up on everything that has happened. We took the subway from Bundang, which is about a 5-10 minute walk from our apartment. We transferred 3 times to get to Myeong-dong, and I think I was there before with my family. I can’t exactly remember. But anyway, we were meeting one of Ryan’s friends from Yonsei since he studied here last summer. We did a lot of browsing around this area, and we noticed a lot of tourists around. Everything was really busy, and I liked it a lot. I noticed shoes were cheap, and I needed some for work, but maybe I’ll go back next weekend to browse. After about 3 hours in Myeong-dong, we took the subway back to Bundang, ordered Pizza, and went home. Ordering pizza was interesting. Ryan and I began to wonder how English could be so bad in the younger generation when most of the schools in Korea emphasize learning English so much. The students that go to the hagwon have bad English, too, so I wonder what and how the kids in public schools learn. It’s crazy! Anyway, not much on yesterday but that’s all that has happened. I’m sure my blogs would have been more interesting had I gotten to my blog sooner. Things were more vivid and I could remember all the interesting cultural details that Ryan and I thought about. If I remember anything, I’ll post it in a new entry, but from here on out, you’ll be getting fresher descriptions, and maybe it will be less mundane. Hopefully :P I’ll work on brushing up my writing in the process, as I’ve been out of this kind of writing style for a while. Academics seem to have killed my creative composition skills.

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