Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Hey there! I haven't been updating much mostly because the last week and a half, I have been prepping for this final week of the first session. It's crazy how fast time flies by here. When your sessions are only 4 weeks, that changes a lot of things. It makes me wonder how we can learn so much from just having class three times a week for an hour and a half. Apparently it is possible, though, since I just wrote a 7 page paper.

Last week, I saw Wicked with some friends, which I was happy about. Although, I have to say I was actually pretty disappointed. I loved the British accents and the different funny lines that they dropped within the musical, but the Elphaba we got wasn't that good. She didn't have as much power in her voice and was constantly off pitch a lot. I guess I'm kind of picky for someone who isn't a singer, but regardless, it's hard when you've been so involved with music your entire life. Intonation is drilled into you and you never listen to music the same way for the rest of your life. The most disappointing part of the musical was that she struggled to hit the high F in Defying Gravity and couldn't hold on to any of the notes before her voice would slip. The second act was better, though, I'll give her that. I dunno. I suppose I just expected that when someone pays money for something and this musical is held in such high esteem, they'd expect them to find someone who can get the job done. :/ Then again, everyone probably has off days and maybe that just happened to be one of them. At least Glinda was good!

Anyway, after I give my group presentation in class today, I am going into town to "drink" with my tutor and some classmates... especially since some of them are leaving after this session. I haven't decided whether I'm going to have a drink, really... but I am going because I'd love to spend time with my tutor outside of class. He's quite the character regardless of how tiny he is. He's still very intimidating, but I think outside of class, we'll get to see what he's really like. :) Then after that, I'll be taking a 3 hour train ride around 9pm tonight to Luton airport... on my way to Paris, France!

I'm a little sad my friends will be leaving since they are the ones I do just about everything with. That means I'll have to push myself again to make new friends, but I think it'll be easier this time around. :) Plus, I have things to look forward to. The day after I get back from Paris, I am going to London to watch Giselle and Serenade!! :) I cannot wait! I have never seen Giselle and Serenade is one of my absolute favorite ballets. So I suppose until I get back from Paris, you'll just have to wait for a post with pictures :)


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