Sunday, 4 July 2010

Oh Dear...

I think my body has adjusted from the jet lag, but it might just be because I have been forced to sleep at around 11 and 12 now. Friday, we had an ice cream party where everyone who attended could have four ice creams total! I could barely finish one, so I don't know what I was thinking when I grabbed two. I forced myself to eat a little bit of the second one. Whew, never doing that again. Too bad Roger, Jeku, Ryan, or my two roomies from back home weren't around to help me finish that ice cream. After the ice cream party, I went to the pub to watch the game: Ghana v. Uruguay. I was rooting for Uruguay if you must know, and they won! Feels good to be on a winning time when everyone is on the team predicted to win. That was intense being in a pub on campus, although I'm sure it was like that in the city as well. The one game I watched in its entirety was the one that had crazy overtime! It was well worth it, though. It made for a good pub experience minus the drinks or food, haha. Anyway, that's the reason I got home late.
The next day, I went back to London with my school. I had seen everything already with my parents, but I absolutely love London and wanted to go back so I did. That day happened to be the day London Pride was going on, so in a way, I got a better view of London with my parents since streets were blocked off. I did enjoy getting to see the London Parade. I only got to see a few hours of it, but I loved it. I loved that the churches and cathedrals had notices within their glass cases supporting the London Pride and the many forms of love which can be portrayed through the LGBT community. Loved it.

We visited St. Paul's Cathedral, the Big Ben, some food markets, Buckingham Palace, Horse Guard's, and to a huge courtyard where BBC films all their major celebratory sections. (That court yard was probably the only thing I didn't really get to look at when I was with my parents.) Oh, and we also went on the Thames River cruise from Westminister to Greenwich Pier. Can you spot me below? Hehe

The black and white probably doesn't help in the very bottom picture, especially because it isn't very big. :) Not much to update on since my visit to London was basically a repeat of what I'd done with parents. Then again, I haven't blogged about my visit to London yet... maybe I'll do that at the very end of my study abroad session or when I have more free time. Right now, I have to do some reading for tomorrow. (And I am meeting someone to hopefully buy their Cambridge ticket off of them!!) Cambridge was a school I was going to apply to, by the way, but the GPA requirement was a little out of my reach :(

Anyway, that's all from me and unless I think of something else... have a lovely day!

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  1. I'd nom all that ice cream for ya. =D

    Love the B&W photos!