Friday, 16 July 2010

That best explains me yesterday and kind of for the rest of the week.

A lot of people in my class who did class reports had them sent back with the tutor tearing their papers to shreds, basically... so they all had to do it over. When it was my turn yesterday, I got such crazy anxiety attacks, that after a day of working on it, I just sent it in.
One friend who had edited hers got the report sent back a second time! At that point, I was ready to throw up from worrying. I waited until 12:45 am while working on my essay to see if he would send me something saying I had to re-do my report, but no. I got a terrible migraine for the second day in row from stressing myself out so much. Luckily, when I got home from a day out in Brighton, I got a pleasant email that said I had done "a very good job." :)

I was also stressing out because I wanted to get my 2500 word essay done by tonight as it was originally due Monday. Saturday, I would be going to London all day so I needed to have it done by tonight. I was a big pile of anxious-ness. I was exactly like that little bunny up there (which is a picture I took today in town!). Fortunately, he moved the date to Thursday. Phew! But I still want to get this done by tonight since I want to edit my paper and still have a group presentation to do in the coming final week. I'm off to work some more! Cheerio.

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